Advanced ElementsAladdin (Dilbert)Arthur (Casper)
Arthur Read (Winnie the Pooh)Arthur Returns (Arthurandfriends Style)Arthur and Kaa: The Movie
Bagheera ReturnsBagheera and Sniffles: The MovieBaloo and Iago: The Movie
Botley (Casper)Botley the Robot (Winnie the Pooh)Bruno and King Julien: The Movie
Dilbert and Mac: The MovieDonkey and Nails: The MovieDumbo and Mort: The Movie
Finding BotleyFinding MushuFinding Oh
Finding ParappaGloriarellaGuru Ant (Dilbert)
Guru Ant (Winnie the Pooh)Guru Ant ReturnsGuru Ant and Jiminy Cricket: The Movie
Hercules (Dilbert)Hercules and Arnold: The MovieHomer (Dilbert)
JanerellaKing Louie and Rafiki: The MovieLaws of Chakra
Lindsay AnnLucifer and Basil: The MovieMarlenerella
MoanarellaMrs. Frog (Cinderella)Naruto Creation Wiki
OdetterellaOld Yeller and Surly: The MovieParappa and Sebastian: The Movie
Quasimodo (Dilbert)Rice Country ProfileRobin Hood and Bartok: The Movie
Roger and Timmy: The MovieSawyer AnnSid and Flap: The Movie
TanyarellaThe Alien of Notre DameThe Black Cat of Notre Dame
The Circus Elephant of Notre DameThe Cucumber of Notre DameThe Elephant of Notre Dame
The Hyena of Notre DameThe Insect of Notre DameThe Last Aardvark
The Last DinosaurThe Last EmojiThe Last Fox
The Last FrogThe Last GorillaThe Last Human
The Last OtterThe Last RobotThe Last Snake
The Last Snow PrincessThe Last SquirrelThe Last Tiger
The Last Whale SharkThe Last White CatThe Mailman of Notre Dame
The Office Worker of Notre DameThe Ogre of Notre DameThe Old Man of Notre Dame
The Orangutan of Notre DameThe Robot of Notre DameThe Snake of Notre Dame
The Snowman of Notre DameThe Social Worker of Notre DameThe Teddy Bear of Notre Dame
The Vampire of Notre DameToby and Leap: The MovieTuliprella
VanessarellaViperellaWidow Tweed (Cinderella)
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